We discover our gifts

The core-group of our Loneliness Projects always meets between the official meetings. Last week Nipu cooked a great meal from Bangladesh.

We are not just foreigners or students or whatever. We all have our very own background and many gifts (sometimes weself even do not know about them). It is why the core-group of our Loneliness Project meets regularely in a private flat to share our histories and experiences.

Loneliness can hit everybody - elderly people, students, expats, shy people, disabled people, poor people, rich people - people like you and me. We want to do our part in this and show others that they are not alone, that we all feel lonely from time to time and that there is no reason to be ashamed about it.

Once a month the meeting is open to everybody. The next meeting will take place on Friday, the 14th of December, in Coffee Karma (Plac Zbawiciela). We meet at around 18:00, but you can also come a bit later. Would be nice to meet you! We will put a metall red shield like on the photo on the table, so that you may recognize us.